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Who We Honor

From test pilots to astronauts, from engineers to advocates, from inventors to industrialists, Ohio boasts a diverse roster of trailblazers who are the giants of air and space upon whose shoulders we stand on.

The Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame and Learning Center (Ohio Air & Space) was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2019 to publicly honor these Ohio heroes and legends of flight.  Using the remarkable achievements, visionary leadership, and colorful legacies of these men and women as an education “force multiplier” enables Ohio Air & Space to inspire Ohioans of all ages to contribute in their own unique way to our state, our nation and the world. 

Ohio, “The Birthplace of Aviation,” features a variety of air and space firsts that starts with Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first powered flights, John Glenn’s first orbit of the earth, and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the lunar surface by man.  But also included is the first woman to fly solo around the world (Jerrie Mock), the first African-American FAA air traffic controller (Alex Boudreaux), and the first and only U.S. Navy ace of World War One (David Sinton Ingalls), along with many more such pioneers deserving of our admiration.

The Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame and Learning Center looks forward to prominently heralding these exemplary Ohioans, preserving their achievements and sharing their legacies for generations to come.

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